Allegiant Stadium is committed to developing sustainable policies and constantly improving on these efforts through waste diversion, green purchasing, water reduction, energy optimization, staff education, and connecting to the local community's eco-efforts.

Waste Diversion

Food Collection Program

On average, 11,000 pounds of food scraps are collected per large stadium event, diverted away from landfills, and turned into livestock feed for a local farm.

Fun Fact: Feeding food scraps to livestock is recognized by the EPA’s food recovery hierarchy as a more preferred way to reduce food waste than biodigesters or composting.

Waste Diversion

Cigarette Waste Collection Program

Allegiant Stadium is the first stadium in the U.S. to divert cigarette waste and convert it into energy. In taking this extended step in proper cigarette waste collection, the stadium is improving landfill diversion, fire prevention, water improvements, and overall community health.

Energy Efficiency

The stadium is devoted to energy optimization. With a state-of-the-art chiller plant, air handling units, high-efficiency lighting, and an energy-efficient lighting control system, the venue is constantly finding ways to improve energy efficiency.

Water Efficiency

The stadium is committed to reducing water usage in various ways including its touchless water fixtures throughout the venue as well as using groundwater dewatering stations which redistribute water collected from the exterior of the stadium and send to planter beds, subsidizing irrigation.

Green Purchasing

The stadium practices Green Purchasing in various ways including an office rechargeable battery program that mitigates the need for single-use batteries, thus reducing hazardous waste as well as the purchase of cleaning products in bulk to reduce single-use plastics, when possible.

Local Innovation

Partnering with Local Sustainably Centered Non-Profits

Allegiant Stadium is proud to partner with local non-profits whenever possible. The stadium donates excess food from stadium concession vendors to individuals and families at risk of hunger along with electronic waste to the blind and visually impaired community for usage or resale.

Staff and Guest Eco-Engagement

Get Caught Recycling

In honor of America Recycles Day 2021, the stadium held a "Get Caught Recycling" event for guests during a Las Vegas Raiders game. Guests who placed aluminum cans or plastic bottles in proper receptacles were rewarded with team and stadium merchandise gift bags. The event was a successful way to promote guest awareness of the stadium’s diversion program, and to educate guests on the importance of landfill diversion and recycling.

The Wash Staff Outing

Allegiant Stadium staff recently planted 300 native trees at the Las Vegas Wash, which is a man-made wetland area that carries the city's 150 million gallons-a-day-run-off water to Lake Mead. These trees aid in erosion prevention and habitat restoration. 

The Farm Staff Outing

In honor of Earth Day 2022, Allegiant Stadium staff volunteered at a local Las Vegas farm to learn about animal advocacy and the benefits of local farming.

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