Our Mission

Allegiant Stadium is committed to developing sustainable policies and constantly improving on these efforts through waste diversion, energy optimization, water reduction, connecting to the local community’s eco-efforts, and actively engaging team members and guests in sustainable practices.

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LEED Gold Certified Venue 2023

Waste Diversion

Allegiant Stadium diverts waste away from the landfill and currently recycles, composts, reuses, or donates 20 material streams. The stadium has a dedicated team that sorts trash on the interior and exterior of the stadium to ensure that recycled material is diverted out of stadium waste.

Food Scrap Collection

On average, 12,000 pounds of kitchen prep cuttings and end of event food scraps are collected per large stadium event.

This waste is provided to a local Las Vegas livestock farm and is used as feed for farm animals.

Cigarette Waste Collection

Allegiant Stadium is the first Stadium in the U.S. to divert cigarette waste from the landfill and convert that waste into energy. The stadium is improving landfill diversion, aiding in fire prevention, contributing to water improvements, and enhancing overall community health.

69,782 Watts of Energy have been created from this program – enough energy to charge 13,955 cell phones for 1 hour!

Raiders Field Grass Clippings

Through a local Las Vegas vendor and in collaboration with the grounds crew, Allegiant Stadium diverts all grass clippings. With the addition of the Biomass machine, field grass clippings are placed in the machine and turned into biochar. A total of 78.85 tons of grass clippings along with external landscaping waste have been composted.

Rubber Pellet Recycling

At the end of each turf event, Allegiant Stadium team members work together to collect used rubber turf pellets for recycling.

Although these rubber pellets are impressively small, they have accumulated over 46.2 tons of rubber pellets and various rubber materials of waste diverted away from the landfill.

Energy Efficiency

Allegiant Stadium is devoted to energy optimalization and features a state-of-the-art chiller plant, high efficiency air handling units, energy optimizing lighting, and an energy efficient lighting control system. The Stadium’s engineering team is consistently finding ways to improve energy efficiency through diligent monitoring of electrical loads and review of energy usage.


One of the most prominent energy efficient features of the Stadium is its roof. The roof is composed of ETFE (Ethylenetetrafluorethylene) which provides benefits of climate adaptability, insulation performance, self-cleaning, a long lifespan, and is a recyclable material.

Energy Efficient Design Features

Sustainability was top of mind during the construction process of Allegiant Stadium. The venue features a high efficiency cooling tower, chiller plant, and air handling units. LED’s throughout the Stadium also lessens the electrical burden.

BMS System

The Engineering Team diligently tracks and reviews energy optimization data in real time to effectively make decisions on Allegiant Stadium’s daily and event driven energy centric operations.

Renewable Energy Sources

Allegiant Stadium is 100% powered by Nevada-sourced renewable energy.

Water Efficiency


Water Meters

Meters on Allegiant Stadium’s cooling towers and other equipment and fixtures allow Stadium management to consistently track and make decisions on proper water management practices.

Efficient Fixtures

During the planning and construction phases of Allegiant Stadium, water efficient fixtures were selected to mitigate excessive water use on a daily and event basis. An estimated average of 535 million gallons of water is saved due to these high efficient fixtures.

External Landscaping

Green landscaping practices are in place to develop systems surrounding seasonal water scheduling, mulching, and composting of all landscaping waste. The stadium also features a system for subsurface dewatering stations, which discharges groundwater that has been collected and expels the water into the plant beds around the exterior of the stadium.

Guest and Team Member Eco-Education

Education is paramount in creating Allegiant Stadium’s robust sustainability program. Team Members are participating in the program daily and through direct and informational training and engagement initiatives, they have the resources and skills necessary to effectively contribute to the program.

Guest interaction with the stadium’s sustainability initiatives allows the program to achieve new heights and inspires fans and visitors to become an eco-champion.

Guest Education: America Recycles Day 2021

Each year, on or around America Recycles Day, fans are engaged to participate in a fun and educational activation.

In 2021, the stadium held a “Get Caught Recycling” event during a Las Vegas Raiders game. Guests who were “caught” recycling received a giveaway to reward their positive contributions.

Guest Education: America Recycles Day 2022

In 2022, fans participated in a sorting game that tested their knowledge of proper diversion streams for common stadium waste. Guests were rewarded with fun giveaways and took home more knowledge to contribute to their sustainable efforts.

Team Member Outing: The Wash

The Las Vegas Wash is a man-made wetland area that carries the city’s 150 million daily gallons of run off water to Lake Mead.

Team Members planted 300 native trees which aided in erosion prevention and habitat restoration.

Team Member Outing: The Las Vegas Farm

In partnership with Barn Buddies Rescue, the Las Vegas Farm is dedicated to the rescue of farm animals through rehabilitation, housing, and holistic care.

Team Members assisted with projects throughout the property while learning about animal advocacy and local farming.

Team Member Outing: Apex Landfill and Las Vegas Livestock Pig Farm

The Apex landfill is one of the largest landfills in the US, accepting up to 15,000 tons of waste per day. The Las Vegas Livestock Farm is a family farm specializing in sustainable pork production.

Allegiant Stadium staff experienced first-hand where their local waste is processed. Team members got up close and personal with the livestocks that Stadium waste is fed to.

Team Member Outing: Springs Preserve

Springs Preserve is a 180-acre cultural institution designed to commemorate the city’s dynamic history and provide a vision for a sustainable future. Stadium team members learned abut various types of desert plants, experienced a teaching garden, visited the butterfly habitat, and laid mulch to support this local and historical Las Vegas landmark.

Local Innovation and Client Collaborations

Allegiant Stadium also engages and challenges both public and private event clients to sustainably operate their events and think strategically when planning in order to eliminate waste and lessen each event’s footprint on the environment.

Sod/Raiders Grass Field Donations

Since September 2021 to present, the Las Vegas Raiders and Allegiant Stadium have worked with Las Vegas Livestock to divert 994.46 tons of sod to their farm for use as livestock bedding.

Onsite Biomass Machine

Allegiant Stadium is the first NFL Stadium to have a biomass machine onsite. This biomass machine can process 650 pounds of food scraps, paper products, and field grass clippings per 24 hours. The 650 pounds of material is minimized to 10 – 15% of its initial volume and turned into biomass that will be combined with general soil to create viable compost material for plants. Greenhouse gases are mitigated through this process by reducing the amount of hauls off premises.

Lost and Found Donations

On Average, 100 pounds of unclaimed lost and found items are donated every 1 to 2 months to a local women's and children shelter.

Since Fall of 2022, the Stadium has donated all unclaimed lost and found cell phones & electronics to a cell phone donation nonprofit that wipes the devices clean and donates them to victims of domestic abuse.

PAC-12 Championship Game

The PAC-12 took a proactive approach to sustainability and featured Allegiant Stadium’s waste diversion efforts during in game features.

Partnering with world-class events such as the PAC-12 Championship Game allows sustainability to be affect broad and diverse audiences within Allegiant Stadium.

Private Events

Allegiant Stadium consistently hosts world-class private events throughout the year. The venue is consistently hosting multiple private events a week and takes an active approach to support and enhance each client’s sustainable efforts.

Team members collaborate with clients to ensure sustainable choices are made in regard to waste, food selections, and materials used at each event.

Green Transportation

Bike Parking Map

For those who intend to ride their bicycle to Allegiant Stadium, bike racks are conveniently located in Lot B and outside the America First Credit Union Southwest Entry and Southeast Entry. Bike locks, chains, padlocks, etc. are not provided, so please bring your own equipment to secure your bicycle. Allegiant Stadium shall not be responsible for fire, theft, damage, or loss to bicycles or any other articles left on the bike or around the bike rack area.

In addition, there are designated bike lanes within our footprint that are recommended safety lanes to help protect and direct cyclists to the bike parking locations.

Bike Parking Map

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Allegiant Stadium, Home of the Las Vegas Raiders, becomes first NFL stadium powered by 100% renewable energy

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Allegiant Stadium & Las Vegas Raiders Announce LEED Gold Certification

As part of its commitment to sustainable policies and programs that minimize its environmental footprint,Allegiant Stadium announced it has been awarded LEED Gold Certification by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

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Allegiant Stadium Participates in Green Sports Day 2022

Allegiant Stadium commits to sustainable action via energy efficiency, waste diversion, water efficiency, green purchasing, eco-education for guests and staff, and engaging on a sustainable level with local non-profits.

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Allegiant Stadium Celebrates Earth Day with Ongoing Sustainability Programs and Eco-Educational Trip to Local Farm

In celebration of Earth Day, Allegiant Stadium recognizes its dedication to sustainable policies and programs that minimize its environmental footprint.

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Allegiant Stadium: Building a Robust Sustainability Program

The ultimate goal in developing the sustainability program at Allegiant Stadium is to be good stewards of the community, conserve resources, champion efforts that result in great impact, and empower staff to take ownership of eco-efforts.

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