Allegiant Stadium Hosts First Gridiron Pitch 

Mar 11 / 2021
Mar 11 / 2021

Allegiant Stadium Hosts First Gridiron Pitch 

On Thursday, March 11 and Friday March 12, 2021, Allegiant Stadium hosted their first-ever Gridiron Pitch, a repeat event that will be part of a Diverse Supplier Engagement series.

The Diverse Supplier Engagement Series is part of Allegiant Stadium’s community engagement initiatives. The series is specifically designed and curated to provide an opportunity for the venue and its’ partners (procurement professionals and contractors) to engage with local, small, and diverse vendors for future business opportunities and/or mentorship.

One of Allegiant Stadium’s top priorities is exceeding the community engagement standards, as outlined Nevada’s Community Benefits Plan.

For the Gridiron Pitch, 31 participating vendors were strategically matched with procurement professionals at the stadium through a thorough review process of their areas of expertise. The future procurement needs for each department were then carefully paired to bring the most beneficial results for both presenters and spectators.

Vendors were given an opportunity to pitch their products and/or services along with showcasing samples to staff members and have engaging dialogues about specific needs for the stadium.

“Representatives from MYS were proud to again witness, firsthand, Allegiant Stadium’s commitment and support of the Las Vegas community. The careful consideration for local, small, and diverse businesses during the planning and execution of the Gridiron Pitch event was not only generous, but moreover signals the rebirth of regional economic opportunity and fosters hope at a time that we need it most.” Myisha Williams, President and Managing Partner at MYS Film.

Future events will include but are not limited to, webinars, general information and Q&A sessions, supplier showcases, and more.

“We are excited and honored to create programs that will produce years of partnership opportunities for local, small, and diverse businesses in Las Vegas.” Neumiia Duncan-Reed, Director of Human Resources and Community Affairs at Allegiant Stadium, ASM Global.

Any businesses interested in receiving information and/or participating in future events must submit their information and be registered in Allegiant Stadium’s vendor database at this link.

For vendor inquiries, please contact

For Allegiant Stadium press inquiries, please contact Lara Gladstone, Director of Marketing at